Roughly 25 years ago, RECOM developed the first DC/DC-converters for the emerging market of mobile telephones. These early acitivities were carried out by H.H> Bier and wife Freda in the basement of their home in Frankfurt, Germany.  Shortly after completing the first prototypes, a leading German electronics manufacturer placed the first order for eight thousand 1 watt converters, setting the path for future growth.  From 2003, RECOM intensified its development activities and expanded from Gmunden into the European, North American and Asian markets.  Newly developed innovative products for industrial automation, energy, medical and transport were the driving forces of the company success story. 

RECOM converters are commonly used in critical customer applications - for example supplying processors in industrial controls.  "Zero failure rate is our goal" states Karsten Bier and draws attention to the considerable efforts RECOM undertakes to secure this.   The failure of even a single converter can be very costly for the customer, so the future growth of RECOM is guaranteed by this attention to detail. .Thsi is exemplified by the RECOM warranty for its products which ranges from 3 to 7  years.   LED-drivers for example, have  working life expectancy of 70,000 hours, which corresponds to more than 8 years of continuous operatons, thsu outliving the useful life of the LEDs they are driving. 


DC/DC Converters, 0.25 - 240 WattsRegulated, Unregulated, Medical, IGBT
Switching Regulators
AC/DC Power Supplies, up to 480 Watts LED Drivers, AC/DC and DC/DC

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