About Us

Thirty Years & Still Running Strong

Johnson Company is a professional Manufacturers' Representative company, with a team committed to superior customer service. We pursue quality and excellence through "Kaizen" in all our endeavors, and are dedicated to serving our customers and principals with openness and integrity.

Kaizen comes from two Japanese words: kai, which means "to change," and zen, which means "good or for the better." Together, the words mean continuous change for the better. The philosophy of kaizen is straightforward. It requires that every employee in our company be involved in the improvement process.

Johnson Company was founded in 1981 with "Midwestern" values - old fashioned hard work, creativity, and integrity in whatever we do. Our sales team utilizes a sophisticated computer program that allows us to track opportunities, leads, samples, quotes, projects, orders, and subsequently commissions. We strive to be a leader in our industry and continue to do whatever it takes to keep our manufacturers on the forefront of each and every one of our customers' minds. 


Mission Statement

Johnson Company is dedicated to being the preferred technical outsourced sales force for sensors, switches, transducers, and supporting electronic and electro-mechanical components in the Midwest.

Our focus continues to be on OEM design wins, while maintaining distribution and CM channels. We pursue quality and excellence thru “Kaizen” in all our endeavors, and are committed to serving our customer and principals with openness and integrity.