GM Nameplate

GM Nameplate is a premier manufacturer of brand identity and user interface components, from labels to touch screens, overlays to complex membrane switch assemblies, injection molded bezels to insert mold decorated interfaces. We look forward to providing you with the best in custom manufacturing.

2004 marked our 50th year serving customers like you by offering an ever-broadening range of custom manufacturing possibilities. Naturally, the close of our 5th decade has prompted some reflection on this important question.

When Lester Green and Beale McCulloch (the GM in our name) originally started the company to make nameplates in 1954, they could not have known what GM Nameplate would grow up to be. But it was their leadership and vision that infused the company with the vital "life skills" necessary to create the multinational, vertically integrated company GM Nameplate is today.


  • Brand Identity Nameplates
  • Labels & Graphic Overlays/Panels
  • Touch Screens & Membrane Switches
  • Injection / Compression Molding
  • Plastic / Rubber Decorating

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